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A human-centered design agency that leads the way in agile and lean user experience design. Based in Barcelona, Spain at the heart of the biggest startup revolution in Europe.

  • We spent a long time trying to find a team that would fit our style of working (agile lean startup). Just UX have got lean ux processes nailed. It took us two weeks to go from our first meeting to the first prototype of our application.

    Tim Wilson – Cloud 99
  • Working with Chris Barklem (Founder of Just UX) allowed us to bring our brands to our customers in an experiential way. Taking the complex and making it natural and simple empowered our users to learn more.

    Chris Morgan – Diageo
  • We decided to create a mobile version of our web application because we knew Just UX. Without knowing them, their methods and their quality we would not have had the confidence to even consider the endeavour.

    Jackie Stewart – Totally London


We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.


Developing the idea and collaboratively driving to MVP using teamwork with clearly defined processes. We believe in the Lean UX approach.


Collecting user assumptions and testing them in the real world to understand the true needs and goals. Defining measurable outcomes with which success can be quantified.


Designing awesome user experiences which are stunning and pleasurable. Creating full on style guides for agile development and product iteration.


The analysis of predefined outcomes designed to measure the success of the users experience and the understanding of the needs and goals of the user.

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We have been designing user experiences for over 15 years.

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