Helping Startups Launch Ideas

through collaboration and Lean UX processes

What we offer for free

Let’s face it, getting a product up and running is one of the hardest things to do on the planet. You have an idea or see an opportunity, but juggling the required technology and skills to make it a reality is close to rocket science.

We offer our help, using Lean UX processes, to get your team from today to MVP (Minimal Viable Product) so that your ready to create your testing platform to present to and collaborate with real users.

Our help includes:

  • Real life user testing
  • Real life research
  • Design workshops on:
    • creating and defining assumptions
    • creating testable hypothesis and defining accountable outcomes
    • putting together the best MVP
    • prototyping your MVP
    • making Lean UX work within your agile (Scrum) development environment
  • Mentoring on user interface design and usability


Why are we offering free services?

First of all, we are a Lean Startup ourselves. So like you we are following processes which help define our company and our product. As part of our Lean UX process we must test the prototypes of our services with real users.

So during our design studio sessions we made the following assumptions:

  • There are Lean Startups that want to use Lean UX
  • There are Lean Startups that want help to implement Lean UX services
  • Not all Lean Startups know how to implement Lean UX into their Lean Startup
  • Lean Startups want help to create their first MVP
  • Lean Startups want help to design their first product

There are lots more. But I hope you can see that from this small list why we are testing the assumption that “There are Lean Startups in Barcelona that want help in implementing Lean UX processes to get to MVP”

We want to build our business on a track record of successfully helping Lean Startups in Barcelona. We also think that once those Startups get off the ground, that they might just need a little more help, and would then have the means to pay for it.

But hay, we are only making assumptions right?

Only 10 Lean Startups

We want to offer the best services, so we are limiting our offer of free services to the first 10 Lean Startups that contact us. After that we will only be offering a free service to Lean Startups that have yet to get to any round of funding.

These free services are prototypes for us. They have been designed by us and we want to test them and adapt them with your collaboration. After all your our users and we value your feedback and opinions. So we want to help you and want you to help us at the same time.

How to get started?

So you have a Lean Startup, or your planning a Lean Startup, why wait any longer. We work to strict non-disclosure rules, at all times on all of our projects. During our free services we will cover our own expenses and work with your team at your location. In the past this has been expensive offices, rented apartments (the sofa) and even Starbucks. We are flexible and work with you at your pace. We want you to learn as much as you can about Lean UX so that you can build it into your company.

We only work with passionate people that are passionate about their users. We always want to be better, and in doing so, help to create better users experiences for our clients. This means that we can not work with companies that don’t care about their users and the experiences they are providing to them.

Still reading? Great, then perhaps your ready to get in touch?

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