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Design For Your Users – Defining user groups and user needs (user goals)

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When we start looking at a UX problem, we tend to look with our own eyes. We might use the term, the user wants…. but what we might be saying or what the clients might be saying is that “I” want….

Marketing might say something like, the users want to signup for newsletters. Come on, the users never want to signup for more marketing emails. What the user wants is something personal, something selfish. Like the user wants to progress in their career, or the user want to know something which will help them to do something or do something easier.

Here is a simple way to help you look at what the user wants, instead of what the client or user experience designer wants.

The user is a           

who wants to           

So for a food website, a user could be web developer, or a taxi driver, or a doctor ….. any person on the planet with access to the food website. But why would they access the website? What is the common need? The user is a plumber, who wants to eat pizza.

So to for the site Facebook. When it began its journey, so many years ago. It would have answered the question like this: The user is a Harvard Student, who wants to Checkout Girls.

So for all, yes ALL!!! projects. You need to find the list of users and the list of wants. Some sites will fulfill many needs and have many large groups of user (Personas). But by defining those groups and those interconnected needs, the UX designer can start to put together the overall agreed goals of the project.

Chris BarklemDesign For Your Users – Defining user groups and user needs (user goals)

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